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Perfection in Plastic

Whether you have a fully formed design or an idea scratched on a napkin, ITW Fastex design expertise is available to ensure that each plastic component is properly designed, fit for purpose and can be reliably manufactured.

  • Our product development team utilises the latest CAD and 3D design software.
  • But most importantly, customers can consult with us at an early stage regarding design considerations around product performance, ease of manufacture and tooling design.
  • Rapid prototyping is available, along with performance modeling to ensure designs are robust and workable prior to any investment in manufacturing tooling.

Custom Moulded Part
Pipe routing clip with an integrated hinge and soft moulded inserts designed to improve fit and reduce vibration.

Material Selection Advice

A wide range of materials is available and some expertise is required to navigate the array of choices.

  • Our experience within industries as varied as construction, automotive, food processing, electronics and mining allows us to advise our customers on suitable material choices based on performance and cost criteria.
  • And usually in the process of discussion we will offer a number of alternatives, taking account of design requirements and the implications of material processability. 
  • ITW Fastex also carries an extensive inventory of the most commonly used material types, so lead time to manufacture is not impacted by supply issues.


Emerging technologies in 3D Printing may one day make obsolete the need to invest in costly tooling. 

  • But reliable, low cost, high volume production is not viable without an up front investment in tooling.  For all new projects, ITW will co-ordinate the provision of tooling to ensure that good quality moulded parts can be produced reliably.
  • Our tooling design will take account of the customer's quality and volume requirements, material types and cost limits.  And during the process of tool manufacture we will deliver trial parts for the approval of the customer.
  • Any investment in tooling must deliver the right returns in quality, reliability and value.
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