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Introducing UNITID Hook and UNITID RFID: the new and improved skid and gambrel design for the meat processing industry.


The new UNITID product is available in two variants:

  • UNITID Hook: standard improved design
  • UNITID RFID: standard improved design with radio frequency identification enabled

1 Improved skid shape

  • Lower top profile to clear obstructions above rail
  • Wider opening angle of skid head reduces the stress of lateral loads, reducing line jams and breakage

2 No assembly required

  • UNITID skid and gambrel hooks are supplied as a complete assembly, no further assembly required
  • No nuts to tighten or metal screws, no tools or labour required 
  • Innovative technology involves the components being coupled in the moulding process
  • UNITID unique ball joint moves freely but can't decouple

3 Strengthened gambrel and crossbar

  • Wider, stronger cross-sections give the new UNITID design a breaking load tested to over 400kg
  • The added centre bar and ball-joint housing create a rigid stable structure to deal with moving loads and heavy handling

4 Production line efficiency

  • The updated hook shape provides a better position to attach the second leg at a more comfortable height and angle
  • Single-leg carcasses are stable on the more upturned hook 
  • The carcass moves more easily as a balanced load


  • Includes an embedded RFID transponder - as standard, 13.56 MHz (HF) frequency with unique 64 bit identification
  • Provides complete data integrity enabling process automation and product traceability
  • Use RFID readers to locate, read and record the position and content of any hook at multiple points in your process
  • The RFID position on the skid frame protects the transponder from distortion and the distance from the rail minimises RF reflectance issues
  • The position of the transponder can be customised to either of two positions, left or right of the skid frame, to maximise the options for reader placement in different plant environments
  • Embedded into the polymer core of the skid, the transponder is protected from moisture, chemicals and impact. It will be unaffected by normal cleaning and handling regimes
ITW Fastex Description Material Colour Type Pack Qty.
416-0100 UNITID Skid & Gambrel
Standard (no RFID)
Acetal Black FDA approved 30
416-0101 UNITID Skid & Gambrel
Standard (no RFID)
Acetal Grey FDA approved 30
410-0200 UNITID Skid & Gambrel
RFID on sloped side
Acetal Black FDA approved 30
410-0201 UNITID Skid & Gambrel
RFID on sloped side
Acetal Grey FDA approved 30
410-0210 UNITID Skid & Gambrel
RFID on straight side
Acetal Black FDA approved 30
410-0211 UNITID Skid & Gambrel
RFID on straight side
Acetal Grey FDA approved 30
The designs of the UNITID Hook and UNITID RFID are protected by design and patent registrations AU Pat. App. 2014900512 
& AU Des. 354469. Copyright © 2014

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